Matteo Moretti

Matteo Moretti
Head of laboratory

Matteo Moretti is head of the Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab at IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute, Milan, Italy. Prior to this he worked as postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard-MIT Div. of Health Science and Technology, Langer Lab. Both of his degrees, B.Eng (Politecnico di Milano) and research M.Sc (Trinity College Dublin, with Prof. P.J. Prendergast) are in Bioengineering. He obtained a European Ph.D from Politecnico di Milano, pursuing his research also in Prof. I. Martin’s Tissue Engineering Lab at U. Basel. His main research interests lie within osteochondral and cardiovascular tissues and bioreactor technologies. In particular, on engineered tissues and in vitro model systems, 3D tumor models, tissue vascularization and in multi-scale bioreactor systems as a key to more viable and accessible tissue and cell therapies. He is member of the TERMIS-EU Council and  invited Expert Reviewer for various Governments and Institutions, amongst which EU-FP7/HORIZON2020, UK BBSRC, Hong Kong ITC, Portugal FCT, German BMBF, Netherlands ZonMw and ETH Zurich. He has been awarded a number scientific prizes including a N.A.S.A. Tech Brief Award for development of scientific or technical innovations. Industrially, he has been coordinator of EU Projects for Fidia Advanced Biopolymers, has a licensed patent and is co-founder of 2 biotech startups (SKE s.r.l. and CELLEC A.G.) focused on bioreactor technologies.


Matteo Moretti, PhD

I.R.C.C.S Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi

via R. Galeazzi, 4

20161 Milano, Italy

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24/09/2014 Roberta Visone awarded for Best Master Thesis
We are proud to announce that CTE-Lab Master student Roberta Visone has been awarded with the Prize GNB Bressanone 2014 for the Best Master Thesis entitled “Development of a culture chamber for electr
18/12/2014 Congratulations to Simone Bersini for his PhD graduation!!!
01/11/2014 Simone Bersini will spend six months at the Khademhosseini Lab (MIT)
We are pleased to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Simone Bersini will spend six months at the Khademhosseini Lab (MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, US).
25/10/2014 Marta Bottagisio starts her PhD!!!
We are happy to announce that Marta Bottagisio will soon start her PhD in Veterinary and Animal Science (University of Milan) as part of our research group!
04/10/2014 Mara Gilardi will spend six months at the Mechanobiology Lab (MIT)
We are happy to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Mara Gilardi will spend six months at the Mechanobiology Lab headed by Prof. Roger D.