Lab. Facilities
Bioreactor Lab
Microfluidic Lab
Cell culture Lab
Histological Lab
Microscopy Room

  • Ultracentrifuges and microcentrifuges
  • Sonicator
  • Vacuum pumps and vacuum oven
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Microplate reader
  • Fluorometer
  • -20°C freezers
  • -80°C freezers
  • Equipment for polyacrylamide and agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Densitometry
  • Column chromatography
  • Soldering station
  • 3D printer
  • Plasma-cleaner
  • Galvanostat
  • Optical and Fluorescent microscope (Olympus)
  • Phase contrast microscope (Olympus)
  • Stereomicroscope (Nikon)
  • Autoclave
  • 3 biological hoods
  • 1 chemical hood
  • 6 CO2 incubators
  • Tali automated optical/fluoroscence cell counter
  • High precision balances

In addition, we have access to the following facilities:
The Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy BioImaging Center (ALEMBIC) at San Raffaele Hospital, Milano (
Imaging Facility at Fondazione Filarete (
Laboratory Animal Preclinical Model Facility at IRCCS Istituto di Ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri (
Large preclinical animal model Facility at CRABCC (Biotechnology Research Center for Cardiothoracic Applications), Rivolta d’Adda (CR) (


01/10/2012 Meet us at BF 2012 in Manchester (28-31 Oct)!
03/09/2012 Silvia Lopa selected for the Tissue Engineering Young Investigator Council
We are proud to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Silvia Lopa has been selected as one of the six members worldwide of the Tissue Engineering Young Investigator Council (Tissue Engineering Editorial B
01/09/2012 Simone Bersini will spend 16 months at the Mechanobiology Lab (MIT)
We are happy to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Simone Bersini will spend six months at the Mechanobiology Lab headed by Prof. Roger D.
29/08/2012 Meet us at TERMIS-WC 2012 in Vienna (5-8 Sep)!
15/08/2012 Meet us at ESB 2012 in Patras (25-28 Aug)!