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03/09/2014 Simone Bersini wins the Best Presentation Award at ESB 2014
We are proud to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Simone Bersini is the winner of the Best Presentation Award of the European Society of Biomaterials for the work “Generation of 3D functional microvas
03/06/2014 Meet us at TERMIS-EU 2014 in Genova (10-14 Jun)!
01/05/2014 Simone Bersini will spend 4 months at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology
We are happy to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Simone Bersini will spend 4 months at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology in the lab headed by Prof. Roger D. Kamm
10/04/2014 Meet us at OARSI 2014 in Paris (24-27 Apr)!
03/03/2014 Mara Gilardi awarded with a six-month scholarship for MIT
We are proud to announce that CTE-Lab PhD student Mara Gilardi has been awarded with a scholarship from the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia (Progetto Professionalità Ivano Becchi) to spend six